Neco Finance


Neco Finance

ICO Manager and Investments Team Lead

  • March 2018- April 2019- ICO Manager and Investment Circle Lead for Neco Finance (Germany). Neco is an eco-currency designed for the betterment of mankind. Neco is a registered German non-profit organization, providing a free and transparent digital currency sourced and controlled by the Neco community. Neco provides funding for common welfare such as education, healthcare, science, conservation, green technologies and generates universal basic income. I reported directly to the CEO and clocked several hundred man-hours over a span of 13 months.

Responsibilities Included

Responsibilities included overseeing all aspects of company ICO. Including strategizing overall marketing/PR plan for ICO, planning overall development processes and setting deadlines and goalposts for organization. Planning/assigning ICO related responsibilities to existing roles within the organization. Inform, develop and modify the ICO plan in real time as needed by market realities. Provide strategic advice during internal discussions related to the ICO . Understand technical architecture of the platform (Stackchain) used within the ICO, understand and articulate core features of the ICO to potential ICO investors and/or partner resources. Leverage network to ensure best external partners for ICO including Identifying and developing relationships with key influencers/possible supporters for the ICO in the crypto space. Design ICO Tokenomics and ensure quickest path to liquidity.